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Hans Scholten

Expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Vice President, Capgemini NL

With background in IT and experience in Real Estate strategy, Hans has developed an end-to-end SmartOffice system consisting of sensors, gateways, a manged IoT platform, reports and an end-user app. This system is now being rolled-out in the 400 offices of Capgemini worldwide.

Key features are roombooking, floormaps showing real-time desk&meeting-room availability and a reporting system which enables the Real Estate department to make data-driven decision on office lease extensions. Unique sellingpoints are: stand-alone, easy to install, plug&play, open, scalable, future proof, secure and GDPR compliant.

Recent work

Leading the business development team and is responsible for the partner eco-system. COVID19, 5feet Office, the new normal, a light version of the system is now available for customers that want to reenter their office and offer a healthy and safe workplace to their employees.


Hans has worked at Capgemini for 34 years now. After getting a master degree in Math and Computer Science he started as a COBOL programmer working in many assignments at different customers. In 1996 he became the youngest VP in Capgemini NL and served in many business leading roles since then.

The last 8 years he had a leading role in Corporate Real Estate, making strategic decisions on lease contract renewals. With his background in IT and his experience and knowlegde of Real Estate management he was the best choice for developing a SmartOffice solution. He published a white paper on the topic together with SemTech and is very active in speaking at conferences and in webinars, organized by Capgemini or by research companies.

And another thing…

Hans is fluent in Dutch and English. In his spare time he is a fanatic golf and padel player, and in his younger years he played tennis at a high competitive level. He was board member in several tennis and golf clubs and is currently chairman of one of the committees of the Dutch National Golf Federation.

Hans Scholten

My experience

Vice President, Corp. Real Estate Mgr North Europe @ Capgemini

Jan 1996 - Present