Digital Transformation and Innovation

Andre Alencar

Expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Enterpreneural–minded senior executive with proven track record of consultative sales in IT , with 17 years of experience, working for global leading companies, from different segments, always performing client-facing roles.

Skillful to develop relationships in the business community (CxO, Directors, and high-level management)

Highly experienced in negotiate big and strategic deals while managing complex sales cycling, forecast sales and revenue activities.

Bold experience in multi-cultural environment, strong financial and people skills, and ability to think on client’s feet.

I have proven leadership, communication and negotiation skills. In the list of my strengths I think it is important to highlight my abilities to learn fast and adapt to changes and new environments. Several times during my career I had the opportunity to show initiative and determination to change and improve strategic and operational characteristics of the business to achieve better results.

Andre Alencar

My experience

Senior Sales Account Executive @ Capgemini

Mar 2019 - Present

Business Owner @ Bakery

Apr 2018 - Present

Sales Strategy Consultant @ Strategy Sales

Jan 2018 - Feb 2019

Communications, Media and technology lead @ IT and Services

Sep 2011 - Aug 2017