Digital Customer Experience

Sushant Devata

Expert in Digital Customer Experience, Digital marketing and e-Commerce solutions

Providing end to end digital customer experience solutions which includes digital sales, web content management, digital asset management and digital marketing solutions.

Sushant Devata

My experience

Managing Consultant (Digital marketing and eCommerce) @ Capgemini, Sweden


Sr.Consultant @ Hospital & Health Care

04/16/2013 to 10/14/2014

Sr.Architect @ Information Technology and Services

12/14/2004 to 10/21/2014

Sr.Consultant @ Retail Firm

11/13/2007 to 03/19/2013

Sr.Technical Associate @ Information Technology and Services

03/06/2001 to 11/15/2005

Latest Publications

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Sushant Devata

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