Digital Customer Experience

Susana López Román

Expert in Customer Experience, Digital Customer Experience

I help our clients design and implement multi-channel strategies using my knowledge of key trends in digital marketing, social media and mobile technology. Together, we create products and services that differentiate our clients from their competitors.

Susana López Román

My experience

Customer Experience and Behavioral Economics @ Capgemini


Customer Experience and Consumer Behaviour @ Capgemini


Mobility & User Experience Consultant @ Capgemini

11/20/2013 to 01/08/2014

Enterprise Architecture (EA) Consultant @ Capgemini

08/21/2013 to 11/13/2013

Process Consultant @ Capgemini

06/11/2013 to 07/16/2013

Mobility & Salesforce Consultant @ Capgemini

02/14/2012 to 05/15/2013

Change Management Senior Consultant @ Capgemini

08/17/2011 to 01/24/2012

Head of Project Management Office and ICT Portfolio @ Capgemini

05/12/2010 to 08/17/2011

Coordinator of IT processes and procedures @ Capgemini

05/16/2006 to 04/14/2010