Digital Customer Experience

Marius Vöhringer

Expert in Digital Customer Experience

Today’s business models need constant adaption to keep up with a changing environment. Capgemini has the adequate solutions, by local, small, iterative projects as well as in large development and transformation projects with international teams. I really think it’s important to understand what the client needs. That means, having the empathy to develop the right IT solution to make his business more efficient and flexible for future requirements and add sustainable value.

Marius Vöhringer

My experience

Principal @ Capgemini


Technical Team Manager @ Automotive Firm

11/16/2005 to 07/15/2008

Manager @ Information Technology and Services Company

10/17/2001 to 10/12/2005

SW-Engineer @ Information Technology and Services Company

01/11/1995 to 09/13/2001

Principal DCX @ Capgemini