Sebastiaan de Vries

Expert in Incident Response

Cybersecurity Consultant, Capgemini NL

As a cybersecurity expert Sebastiaan focuses on both Incident response and incident prevention. In close colaboration with both Capgemini SOC and Client SOC teams he aims to stop adversaries damaging organisations. This involves a balance of understanding the clients organisational landscape and the current threat landscape.

Sebastiaan has sucessfully established layerd cybersecurity frameworks to enhance both resilience and cybersecurity posture of large, international organisations. This includes preventative as well as response measures. By focusing on key areas of improvement with an understanding of cyber attacks.

Recent work includes:

  • Evaluating the cybersecurity posture of a large aviation group with an evidence based NIST assessment to feed the 5 year roadmap.
  • Performing Incident response and triage for a large telco supplies deemed part of the countries critical infrastructure. This includes Threat modeling and SOC usecase design.
  • Performing Incident response and triage for a large food supplier with an international supplychain.
  • Incident analysis data restoration for a company in the pharmasutical sector.

And another thing…

Before joining Capgemini he was an IT-Auditor and Cybersecurity consultant for a large audit firm. Primarly focused on financial risk within international organisations.

Beyond client work he spoken at a number of conferences on the importance of preparing for incidents.

Sebastiaan distinguishes himself with his energetic “can-do” attitude and critical thinking skills where he finds innovative and effective methods of improving the current situation.

Sebastiaan de Vries

My experience

Cybersecurity Consultant @ Capgemini

March 2019 – Present

Co-Founder @ Hospital & Health Care

August 2015 – Present

Advisor Cybersecurity @ Accounting

March 2018 – February 2019

IT Auditor @ Accounting

March 2016 – March 2018

Data Infrastructure Manager @ Events Services

March 2015 – March 2018

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