Melanie Hendrickx

Expert in Cybersecurity

Organizations must be innovative and flexible. But also safe. Securing data and company information goes beyond technology alone. Working at the intersection of law, technology and compliance, I help customers in managing risks, complying with laws and regulations and increasing security & privacy awareness.

Being an empathetic and inquisitive thinker, I am relentlessly dedicated to solving complex problems and understanding the world around me. I have a natural ability to connect to and empower clients, customers and team members, whether that’s by ensuring their needs are being met or managing cross-collaborative projects to achieve a collective mission.

I love to connect to like-minded people in the cybersecurity and privacy space, and those who are just finding their way as young professionals.

Melanie Hendrickx

My experience

Risk, Compliance & Quality Manager @ Capgemini

February 2020 - present

Owner @ Cybersecurity Firm

November 2014 - January 2020

Business Process Specialist @ Strategy & Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations

April 2010 - December 2013

Open Source Intelligence Analyst (Volunteer) @ Open-source Intelligence

2018 - present