Consumer Products & Retail

Sarah Khalil

Expert in Consumer Products & Retail

I am a Marketing Management graduate (2014), currently employed at Capgemini in the Netherlands. During my studies I freelanced at Brand MKRS creative agency, where my interest in all things digital transformed into actual love for it. This love impacted my academic program at university in terms of elective courses, which (long story short) helped me end up at Capgemini as a business analyst in the Consumer Products & Retail market. Most of my work is focused around helping companies achieve a seamless customer experience by connecting on- and offline and infusing innovation into organizations rather than it being a separate program or project. Think of, for example, marketing automation, CRM and customer service solutions. Within that area my expertise lies in marketing, both traditional as well as online / digital.

Sarah Khalil

My experience

Customer Experience (CX) Offer Lead Marketing @ Capgemini

Sep 2020 – Present

Business Analyst @ Capgemini

Sep 2014 – Sep 2020

Business Analyst @ Retail

Jun 2020 – Present