Consumer Products & Retail

Mauricio Andrade de Paula

Expert in Consumer Products and Retail

I help people and organizations to transform market trends and good ideas in innovative applied business solutions, that increase revenue and/or reduce costs, through the development of new technologies or the better application of available technologies.

Mauricio Andrade de Paula

My experience

Solutions Director Consumer Products, Retail & Distribution South Latam @ Capgemini

Nov 2019 - Present

Honorary Director - Innovation and Technology @ IBEVAR - Instituto Brasileiro de Executivos de Varejo

Jan 2017 - Present

Co-Founder and Executive Member @ NDEV

Jan 2014 - Present

Owner, Business Director @ DigitalBrain Technology

Jan 2000 - Present

LATAM Senior Advisor for Retail Industry @ Teradata

Aug 2017 - Nov 2019

Senior Industry Consultant - Retail, Manufacturiing, Hospitality, Travel & Transportation @ Teradata

Dec 2014 - Nov 2019