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Katja van Beaumont

Expert in Business Technology and Business Process Management, Business Transformation, Innovation, Supply Chain, Sustainability

As a lead consuItant I help my (retail) clients address the internal and external challenges that face them, bringing about change focusing at business (process) innovation through smart use of technology.

My mission is to stretch minds and leave a lasting positive impact on both the business as well as its stakeholders. Sustainability, improvement and development drive me, topics that require integrated thinking and solutions.

I thrive in challenging roles that require an overall view, understanding and making connections. For almost 20 years I have been in leading delivery and pre-sale consultancy roles in diverse business settings, being responsible as lead solution consultant, enterprise architect in small and very large projects in all life cycle stages. I have demonstrated my versatility analytical skills, in depth knowledge of complex (retail) business processes and related technologies, architecture, and clear communication.

I have grown to become a trusted advisor in the CPRDT sector to multiple customers, while also having strong involvement in innovation initiatives in Capgemini organization, including relationships with partners. Focused on the end-result I coach and motivate others to develop and optimize their performance and value, defined far beyond financial only.

Katja van Beaumont

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini

July 2019 - Present

Principal Consultant @ Capgemini

Aug 1998 - Present

Lead Enterprise Architect Global Transformation @ Capgemini

Jul 2015 - Present

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Katja van Beaumont

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