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Joe Vernon

Expert in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Analytics and Transformation Practice Lead

Building successful solutions doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It takes true collaboration to understand what clients want and what tech to add to the mix to ensure we meet the objectives together.

As a Supply Chain Analytics and Transformation Practice Leader, I collaborate with companies to help them define business objectives and then reinforce those with leading technologies. I create solutions in the convergent strategy, process, and technology spaces.

I combine my knowledge of best-in-class technologies and solution providers with my experience in process redesign and creative solutioning, working across many sectors including CPG, retail, industrial products, and telecom.

Recent work includes

  • Delivering capabilities enabled by big data and machine learning for analyzing procurement spend and modeling customer attrition
  • Designing and building out a big-data cloud-enabled platform in Microsoft Azure for a healthcare logistics provider
  • Sourcing and transforming data and building visualization and analytical tools for CPG planners using Microsoft Azure and Power BI
  • Performing analysis and generating programs to optimize the space in a mixed-use manufacturing and distribution facility.

And another thing…

Before joining Capgemini, I worked in consulting and industry sectors. I also served as a manufacturing and distribution analyst in apparel and consumer goods. My previous roles include working as a Kaizen Lean leader and a director of application consulting, and I am still a recognized SME in warehouse and labor-management software. Finally, I was an early adopter of neural-net technology, using it to model and drive incentive-based pay for distribution facilities in 2006.

I have been with Capgemini for over nine years and I am currently based in the Greater Omaha area.


Joe Vernon

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Supply Chain Analytics and Transformation Practice Lead @ Capgemini

May 2016 - Present

Supply Chain Technology Transformation Leader @ Capgemini

2011 - May 2016

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