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Magdalena Matell

Expert in Digital Customer Experience, Finance Transformation

I am passionate about developing and delivering innovative solutions within Finance and Accounting area and helping our clients to optimize their Credit, Cash Collections, Revenue Accounting and bringing insight into Controllership function.
I strongly believe that a good customer experience can improve the value of the company… and to improve you need to get your business metrics right… I constantly develop my expertise by keeping up with the market trends.

Magdalena Matell

My experience

Senior Engagement Director @ Capgemini


Digital Transformation & Innovation Lead @ Capgemini


Senior Manager - Business Transformation Services @ Capgemini

01/06/2015 to 02/01/2016

Global Solutions and Product Development Manager @ Capgemini

01/15/2013 to 01//01/2014

Account Manager @ Capgemini

03/01/2011 to 12/18/2012

Delivery Excellence Manager @ Capgemini

11/19/2008 to 03/02/2011

Delivery Manager @ Capgemini

06/07/2004 to 10/30/2008

Audit Services @ Management Consulting

11/18/2003 to 04/20/2004

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