Business Services

Elle Cardenas Sanchez

Expert in Digital Transformation

I create target operating models for finance and accounting with an automation first focus to improve transaction cycles, reduce manual effort, and increase capacity within teams. I also design end to end transformations from process and policy enhancements to touch-less processing.

Elle Cardenas Sanchez

My experience

Digital Transformation Manager @ Capgemini

May 2018 - Present

Sales and Marketing Transformation Consultant @ Capgemini

Feb 2017 – Apr 2018

Solution Manager @ Information Technology & Services

Aug 2015 – Jan 2017

Digital Transformation Consultant @ Information Technology & Services

Oct 2014 – Dec 2015

Latest Publications

Artificial Intelligence

Simplification and standardization – throwing away the paper

Elle Cardenas Sanchez

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Business Services

Simplification and standardization – the recipe for digital success

Elle Cardenas Sanchez

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