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Abduelkadir Tekin

Expert in Consulting, Procurement, Sourcing

I support large enterprises to define the strategy and to drive the delivery of their business operations transformation in Purchasing, Procurement and BPO area. I have previously worked with companies such as Deutsche Post DHL and Linde Gas that achieved truly world-class results and continuously grow their organizations

Abduelkadir Tekin

My experience

Principal @ Capgemini Invent

July 2019 - Present

Head of Global Services and Customer Care (COO) @ Capgemini


Principal, Head of IBX Consulting Europe @ Capgemini BPO

03/16/2010 to 06/15/2015

Head of Consulting Continental Europe & UK @ Information Technology and Services

03/05/2008 to 02/17/2010

Senior Manager Consulting @ Information Technology and Services

12/27/2006 to 02/04/2008

Manager Consulting @ Information Technology and Services

04/13/2004 to 11/21/2006

Manager Business Development @ Information Technology and Services

11/13/2001 to 03/08/2004

Latest Publications

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Abduelkadir Tekin

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