Prasanna Kamat

Expert in Innovation, IT Transformation

Prasanna has played a gamut of roles within the sphere of Information Technology through a successful cross-connect of his strong leadership and customer relationship with his inherently robust technological prowess and sharp business acumen. His key strengths lie in strategic thinking & planning while bringing agility to solutions in the face of changing requirements and business risks.

Prasanna is into devising winning solution strategy, high-risk yet consistent delivery capabilities, organizational skills and motivational leadership attributes. Moreover, he likes to emphasize on simplifying business processes to bring out maximum productivity coupled with profitability to the organization, establishing himself as a Profit Shaper.

Prasanna is known to be a mentor and motivator in his circle of influence.

In his current role of International Sales VP for the automotive vertical handling international business beyond the automotive home ground of Germany, he has played the role of an Innovation Lead by influencing technologically advanced business decisions for the customer. He has hand-held the customer in setting up the IT road-map through his expert automotive and technology consultancy. Prasanna spearheaded critical partnership within India establishing his company as the ‘Preferred IT partner’ for the customer, effectively leading to global business expansion. This has been a direct consequence of successfully setting up digitally ‘disruptive’ innovative connects for the client’s business platform, providing winning-edge business strategies and building & nurturing long-term business relationship with the ecosystem.

Roles & Achievements:

  • Prasanna is the winner of the Digital Transformation Leader Award at CeBIT India. He has also won the Delivery Excellence Award for outstanding deliveries for North America region of Capgemini.
  • Prasanna was a session speaker at APAC CIO meet in Singapore & the IBM Software Universe Conference in Mumbai where he conducted a workshop on Digital Experience & Mobility.
  • As a Technology Innovator, Prasanna has singlehandedly masterminded a solution called BCUN (Business Continuity for Unreliable Networks) that overrides infrastructure challenges in running businesses. This one innovation has found cross-domain acclaim owing to its applicability and has also recently featured as a certified partner product on the official EMC2 website. This puts Prasanna in the coveted strata of IP (Intellectual Property) champion. (Business Continuity with Unreliable Networks (BCUN) | Article)
  • Prasanna is a Delivery Stalwart on account to his enviable track record of on-time deliveries with the added bonus of establishing long-term business relationships with the customer. As an account director to the Chief Architect, CoE Lead and Chief Technology Officer for Capgemini LBS India & MEA, he is one of the key members since its inception in 2008, having the right mix of business acumen and technology insights.
  • Moreover, Prasanna’s expertise in structuring successful delivery models led to him being an Business Structure Proposer at our key customer’s business site while laying their IT road-maps by leveraging the usage of impactful technologies such as the “4 Disruptive Technologies”.
  • In his previous role of Capgemini LBS India & MEA CTO, Prasanna has built up a mutually beneficial business-centric collaborations with our alliance partners such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, AWS and EMC2. Prasanna works closely with customers CIO team for charting their business road-maps using strategic technology offerings from and with Capgemini.

As a ‘People’s Leader’ who is comfortable interacting with employees at all levels, Prasanna’s style of leading is first-hand and highly motivational. His measures about mobilizing resources are commendable. Prasanna has facilitated the growth-chart of many of his aspiring subordinates, positively impacting Capgemini’s talent pool and displaying his own talent building & management capabilities.

Prasanna Kamat

My experience

Vice President @ Capgemini


Chief Technology Officer - India Local Business Services @ Capgemini


Director @ Capgemini

01/12/2011 to 12/11/2013

Associate Director @ Capgemini

01/21/2009 to 12/16/2010

CSD Lead, India Local Business Services @ Capgemini

05/14/2008 to 12/09/2010

Senior Manager @ Capgemini

01/24/2007 to 12/18/2008

Manager @ Capgemini Consulting

01/12/2005 to 12/13/2006

Senior Consultant @ Capgemini Consulting

01/22/2004 to 12/23/2004

Programmer Analyst @ Information Technology and Services Company

01/15/2003 to 12/18/2003

Software Engineer @ Information Technology and Services Company

12/14/2000 to 12/19/2002