Intelligent Automation

Vikram Balakrishna

Expert in Automation Technology, Big Data, DevOps

I work with clients in helping them realize the value potential within their current landscape for a transformed future state using sustainable innovation methods especially in the areas of DevOps, cloud, Big Data and Social. With my experience across industries and domains try to establish significant benefits to my clients from a IT enabled business perspective.

Vikram Balakrishna

My experience

Enterprise Architect @ Capgemini


Engagement Manager @ Online Media

11/18/2009 to 08/09/2011

Head of Operations - Hyderabad @ Civic & Social Organisation

11/03/2009 to 04/14/2010

Senior Systems Analyst @ Financial Services

01/06/2009 to 12/23/2009

Systems Analyst @ Financial Services

08/07/2007 to 12/09/2008

Software Engineer @ Financial Services

07/04/2006 to 07/16/2007

Software Engineer @ IT Consultants

08/18/2004 to 12/28/2005

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Technology Transformation

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Vikram Balakrishna

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