Artificial Intelligence

Prasad Ramanathan

Expert in Applications of Emerging Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Automation

I lead the Automation Drive Academy in Group Industrialization & Automation. I am responsible for rolling out programs that enable our employees to get skilled in Automation Technologies and get themselves certified. Also, I identify opportunities for applying various emerging technologies (including Artificial Intelligence) to derive business benefits.

Prasad Ramanathan

My experience

Sr. Director @ Capgemini

May 2008 – Present

General Manager - Software Support Group @ Information Technology and Services

Aug 2005 – Apr 2008

Manager - Software @ Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Aug 1998 – Aug 2005

Manager - Control Systems @ Computer Software

Jul 1995 – Jul 1997

Principal Research Engineer @ Information Technology and Services

Feb 1993 – Jun 1995

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Artificial Intelligence

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