Dr. Umesh N. Hivarkar

Expert in Engineering Analytics solutions with AI/ML technology, Modeling and Simulation

I am a Doctorate in Fiber optics & sensors/Photonics, carry perfect blend of Innovation and industrial R&D with strong academics. Extra-wide research areas, having 50+ publications in various International Journals and Conferences/Seminars, blogs, and two patents in ADAS. Expert in delivering industrialized data-driven decision support solutions through ML/AI/Deep Learning in real time operation with Edge Analytics. Technical capabilities span modelling & simulation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, advanced real-time analytics, automation and control, machine vision & automation. Specialized in deploying Engineering Analytics from concept to product, sensors, systems, and distributed controls. Multi-domain experience covering Defense, Energy, Utilities, Mining, Telecom, Automotive, and O&G.

We are AI Thought Leaders. Provide Engineering Analytics services for Digital Transformation and Industrial Automation. With latest technologies and innovative solution developments for industrial AI applications, current research focus is design solutions for trustable AI, knowledge discovery & augmentation for intelligent operations through collective, collaborative, & distributed intelligence, logistics, equipment and operator performance optimization, Automation of distributed processes and operations.

Dr. Umesh N. Hivarkar

My experience

Director @ Capgemini

2012 - Present