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Rik Pennartz

Expert in Agile Coach, Application Development, DevOps

I am an Agile coach at Capgemini Business technology services, and I coach agile teams and their management in the transformation to agile ways of working. I use various frameworks and theories such as lean, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, Agile Project Management and DevOps. An important part of my work consists of coaching Scrum Masters, Product Owners and management. This entails working on an agile mindset and culture of the organization, as a crucial part of each transformation. In my view an agile transformation is a socio-technological change and consists of three interconnected aspects: organizational change, cultural change and technological change.

I have worked at ABN AMRO, the Dutch Railways and several software development companies and I have published whitepapers such as “The future of the project manager”, “The Capgemini Academy agile transformation approach” and “DevOps – DaVinci’s Software Laboratory”, as well as a tool for the selection of the most suitable project approach. I am a SAFe program Consultant and I regularly teach courses in the various agile subjects and certification methods.

Rik Pennartz

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Agile Team Coach @ Capgemini

Aug 2017 - Present

Agile Coach @ Financial Services/ Public Services/ Railroad

Aug 2018 - Jul 2019

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