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Henk Vermeulen

Expert in Application Management, Applied Innovation

After 15 years of ERP, I got a challenge to create, set up and lead an innovation workspace within the global Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) network at Capgemini.

So far that challenge has resulted in a buzzing and humming 120 seat Collaboration Zone with four levels of innovation. Firstly We explore technologies and assessed the commercial viability for our own organization with the help of graduate interns. Secondly, we have an open invitation for our Capgemini colleagues to get hands-on experience in selected promising technologies to push the boundaries of our capabilities at Capgemini. Thirdly, we also have a commercial proposition where we explore the concrete application of these technologies and assess the viability and potential value in our clients’ business processes. Fourthly and finally, we transfer ownership of these innovative technologies towards our regular delivery lines. The collaboration zone has a tight heartbeat consisting of sprints of a week, each of which focused on achieving concrete, tangible and demonstratable results.

We have explored dozens of topics around AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Conversationals, and we are eager for whatever is to come next.

Henk Vermeulen

My experience

Managing Consultant @ Capgemini

11/01/1996 to present

Consultant @ Capgemini / Ernst & Young Consulting

11/01/2001 to 11/01/2004

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