Women’s Forum Asia 2019, Singapore

Bridging worlds for inclusive innovation

Capgemini is the Silver sponsor of Women’s Forum Asia, to be held between 18-20 September in Singapore. The Women’s Forum aim to bring together leaders from all over the world – women and men – to consider new perspectives on key issues; to create a powerful, global network in order to strengthen the influence of women throughout the world; to draw up innovative and concrete action plans to encourage women’s contribution to society; and to promote diversity in the business world.

What if the future of work is the key?


Speakers: Aruna Jayanthi (Managing Director APAC and LatAm & Member of the Groupe Executive Committee, Capgemini), Connie Heng (Partner, Head of Capital Markets Asia Pacific, Clifford Chance), Chris Kimmell (Executive VP & Head of EdTech, Asia, EF Education First) and Lay Lim Teo (Senior Managing Director, ASEAN, Country Managing Director, Singapore, Accenture)
Moderator: Lihui Zhang, Executive President, Caixin Media
Date and Timing: 19 September, 11.45-12.30 pm


Work has always undergone disruptions. But the speed of change is new. In this new context, this is our point of view on how businesses survive. Click here to download our whitepaper on ‘The future of work. Evolve or Perish’.

To access the full recording of the various sessions from the event, Ecosystm has featured them on the Ecosystm Tv. Click here to view the videos.

CEO Champions Initiative at Skysuites Swissotel [By invitation only]

Attendee: Gaurav Modi, CEO for Capgemini SEA, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Date and Timing: 20 September, 12:00-14:30 pm


The Women’s Forum is a platform for new conversations and focus on what women can do, together with men, to act for the benefit of all members of society.

Leadership Quotes

ElisabethElisabeth Goos, Senior Director, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Capgemini Invent SEA and HK
“Disruption of work is nothing new. What is different today, is the accelerated pace of disruptive changes. The future of work is about adapting to this new pace. This holds tremendous opportunities to create a better work in the future: For societies and also for organizations and individuals. We help leaders analyze this impact precisely. We develop strategies so that their organization can adapt on a regular basis, achieving a customized, functioning balance between stability and flexibility and so that they recruit the right talent and develop the right skills in their people – along with winning their minds and hearts for this change.”

Christine Chanier, Director Capgemini Invent
“The concept of Future of Work is fully intertwined with the future of training and education, and this is an area where APAC has made huge investments that are now starting to pay off. APAC universities are teaching their young generations to make strategic data-driven decisions, to operate in a global environment, to drive projects, to lead people. In a world where we constantly talk about AI and automation, these are the skills that will not be taken over by machines. These are the jobs of the future.”

Thierry Delaporte, COO of Capgemini
“As a leader in digital transformation, Capgemini has a key role to play in the way the world progresses and in the way the societies are evolving. Our Digital Inclusion program is a fabulous program where we leverage our passion for technology to help societies address the impact of the digital and automation revolution.”

Christine Hodgson, Chief Corporate Social Responsibility of Capgemini Group
“At Capgemini, people are our greatest asset – they build the Future of Work in our organization every day. We build high performing, adaptive and diverse teams, thriving on their differences, diverse views and skills, aligned in their commitment to help our clients make a successful transformation journey.”

Markus Cramer, Principal Digital Strategy & Transformation
“Adaptation is no longer just a necessity, it is a capability needed to survive. Companies need to develop an organizational model that allows them to constantly adapt to fast-changing client needs and market conditions. They need to enable their people, processes and technology to translate this huge challenge into flexible, company-specific solutions.”

Our delegates for the event:


Goos, Elisabeth

Senior Director, Head of Strategy & Innovation, Capgemini Invent SEA and HK


Sharon Choong

Sales Director,  Automotive and Public Sectors, Capgemini SEA and HK


Razafimahaleo, Norosoa Jocelia

Senior Manager, Future of Technology, Capgemini Invent SEA and HK


Vanessa Teo

Senior Director, Financial Services, Capgemini SEA


Panchadhar, Swati

Senior Client Partner, Financial Service, Capgemini APAC


Gmach, Veronique

Engagement Manager, Digital Customer Experience, Capgemini SEA


Abecassis, Frederic

Vice President, Financial Sectors, Head of Capgemini Invent SEA & HK


Saumitra Srivastava

  Vice President & Head, Financial Services Business, Capgemini SEA


Ong, Ignatius

Head of Agency, Idean SEA & HK


Texier, Hugo

 Vice President, Head of Consumer Product Retail Sector, Capgemini Invent SEA & HK


Chanier, Christine

Director, Consumer Product Retail, Capgemini Invent SEA and HK


Tracy Lim

Tracy Lim

Regional Graduate Program Lead, Capgemini SEA and HK


Geetanjali, Khatri

Executive Vice President, Financial Services SEA, Chief Account Executive for a large global bank

Capgemini Invent Talks: Workforce Transition in the Age of Automation

Capgemini Invent: Why people are crucial in digital transformation

Claudia Crummenerl on People & Organization

Event details

September 18, 2019 12:00 pm
September 20, 2019 5:00 pm
Raffles City Convention Centre, 4th floor of Fairmont, Singapore