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What’s Now: San Francisco is an event speaking series at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange. Each event will gather a diverse group of innovators for an evening of discussion and networking that highlights the most important innovations emerging in the San Francisco Bay Area right now.

What’s Now San Francisco: Linda Avey & The Next Phase of Consumer Genetic Testing

Date: June 27, 2019

Time: 5:30pm – 9:00pm

5:30 pm: Networking
6:30 pm – Fireside Chat with Linda Avey & Pete Leyden
8:00pm – Networking

Speaker: Linda Avey, Co-founder 23andMe; Co-founder & CEO Precise.ly, Inc.

Few people have as much perspective on what average people can know about their genetic makeup both now and in the near future than Linda Avey, the co-founder of the pioneering biotech company 23andMe. That company offered the world’s first personal genetics service and its method of using saliva and working directly with consumers earned the award of Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2008. It also set off a wave of competition and growth in the field throughout the developing world. Ten years later Avey has co-founded a new company that is positioned for the next phase of expanding easy access to genetic testing in the developing world, particularly in India. And this month Avey will share her thoughts on the state of genetic testing in developed and developing world alike as our next featured guest at What’s Now: San Francisco.

Many people are aware that they can better understand their ancestry through common genetic testing, but many more insights are becoming increasingly available that could make a big impact on healthcare too. Avey says that a lot of diseases are monogenetic, which means that one gene identified in a person’s genome can indicate a higher predisposition to that disease, or to passing on that predisposition to off-spring, especially when having children with a partner who has a similar predisposition. The more we know about all these factors, the more precise individual health interventions can be. Avey’s new company Precise.ly wants to expand that kind of capability to India, a population that suffers too much from preventable diseases that could be avoided with better information like this.

Our conversation with Avey will look at the prospects for genetic testing in the developing world, though her company Precise.ly is still operating largely in stealth mode. We will be sure to talk about the increasing pressures on the genetics and biotech field in the developed world as consumers and governments become much more interested in privacy and the protection of personal data. Social media postings are one thing, but few things are as personal as data related to health. As usual, we expect the room to be filled with others who have insights into these challenges and opportunities, Join us for what is sure to be a wonderful evening.

Event details

June 27, 2019 5:30 pm
San Francisco Applied Innovation Exchange, 425 Brannan Street San Francisco, CA 94107

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