What’s Now: New York

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New York

NYC- Kara Swisher on Where the Long Symbiotic Relationship of Tech & Media Might End Up

NYC- Scott Galloway: Today’s Tech Unicorns May Be the New Dotcoms Heading for a Crash

NYC- The Many Ways We Will Soon Be Talking to Robots

NYC – How the World of Hardware will soon transform like software

NYC – Fixing our Broken Online Advertising Ecosystem from Facebook to Amazon

NYC – The Future of Mass Consumer Desires Via Millennial Hipsters Today

NYC – From Today’s Traffic Congestion to the Future of Urban Mobility

NYC – How Machine Learning will accelerate Innovation in New Ways

NYC – What’s a Nice Tech Investor Doing in Muskegon, Michigan?

NYC – The New Technologies of Scent and the Future of Food & Health

NYC – Popping the Filter Bubble

NYC – A Facebook Co-Founder Rethinks How to Solve Economic Inequality

NYC – The Moment of Digital Reckoning in Healthcare Has Finally Arrived

NYC – The Next Big Media Reinvention and its Importance to the World

NYC – Preparing for the Third Digital Revolution: Fabrication

NYC – Can the Innovation Hubs of New York and San Francisco Ramp Up a Reinvention of America?