Webinar – “P2P ERP and eProcurement Integration: Success Secrets with Eastman Chemical”

  • June 21, 2016

What you don’t know can help (and hurt you). Join Jason Busch, Founder and Head of Strategy (Spend Matters) as we host Eastman Chemical to discuss the perfect formula for a successful eProcurement and P2P ERP integration. Learn how the stodgy, old implementation styles are a stark contrast to the new cloud capabilities of some solutions that are at your fingertips -- and how to extend and leverage SAP and other systems to work in your favor, not against you!

Eastman Chemical will share secrets from their successful implementation across a complex ERP environment. We’ll also address some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from CPOs and CFOs when it comes to tying technology and IT to procurement systems, and explain what’s at stake and why both should care.

We'll also explore:

  • Suite considerations when transactions come into play
  • eProcurement + P2P Systems integration tips
  • How to skip to the front of the line and drive adoption (and not have to learn a new application)
  • The importance of technology as a component of transformation
  • How to get users to want to interact with tools...
  •  … And how to get users to use tools consistently
  • Any of your specific questions or discussion points

Jason Busch Azul Partners - Spend Matters, Founder and Head of Strategy

The closest thing to a household name in procurement and supply chain, Jason has led the charge as an advocate, futurist and evangelist since the 1990s. Initially at FreeMarkets and then an adviser to Ariba and other firms, Jason branched out on his own to establish the Spend Matters brand (parent company: Azul Partners), which emerged to become the largest news and information portal covering the sector. Over the years, Azul Partners has expanded this digital portfolio to 12 affiliated properties including leading titles such as Spend Matters UK/Europe, MetalMiner and Public Spend Forum, making it one of the largest independent B2B digital media firms.

Jason divides his time between research, corporate finance advisory and mentoring dozens of firms and procurement organizations in the industry. Prior to Azul Partners and FreeMarkets, Jason worked in consulting and merchant banking. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.