The Customer Focused Utility

  • October 27, 2016
  • Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore
  • Peony Junior Ballroom 4410A, Level 4, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore



Speaking Sessions

Chair’s Welcome – The customer is now your King!
October 27, 2016
Location: Peony Junior Ballroom 4410A, Level 4, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore (1pm)

Mike Wesbury

CEO Capgemini South East Asia
Why utilities need to adjust their business model and focus on the customer
September 30, 2016
Location: Peony Junior Ballroom 4410A, Level 4, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore

The CFU event targets the utility executives who are directly concerned with customers. The event will also appeal to large energy users, energy market executives, customer engagement and experience vendors, energy service specialists, smart energy start-ups and energy investment professionals. It targets utility executives who are directly concerned with customers including:


AMI Customer Engagement

Smart Billing & CRM

Customer Service Experience

Rooftop Solar Engagement

Marketing Communications

Customer Contact Solutions

Customer Digital 

Customer Innovation & Growth

Stakeholders Engagement


Customer Strategy & Planning

Customer Support Programs

Channel Innovation

Online Customer Self-Service

Mobility Solutions

Customer Insights 



Topics include:

  • Understanding the benefits of deregulation and the risks for those not prepared
  • Achieving effective engagement and locking down retail customer loyalty
  • Rooftop Solar + Storage and the shift to urban based distributed energy
  • Preparing for IoT platforms including new LPWAN network services for meters and sensors
  • Building mobile friendly customer strategies for faster customer service responses


PANEL – How do you win, keep and manage a customer in a competitive retail market

Moderator: Reserved: Mike Wesbury, CEO Capgemini South East Asia


Break into the Focus Groups (Each group has a Leader supported by a number of Expert Advisors)

The Focus Groups have been developed to better meet the peer-to-peer networking needs of our audience. They operate somewhat like a market concept testing Focus Group. We find these sessions work best when structured around a Focus Group Leader who is supported by subject specialists we call Expert Advisors drawn from across the stakeholders. The Leader helps to shape the discussion but it’s the audience and the Experts who provide the depth by sharing insights from their own experiences. We find Focus Groups help encourage frank conversations and can be very helpful as learning and sharing technique. It’s a great way to meet industry players and to catch up on what people really think about the important issues within your industry! The conversations are frank and private – ideal if you are exploring a new area and seek feedback.


FOCUS GROUP 1 – Developing an effective innovation roadmap and a customer centric culture

Utilities in Asia are embarking on a deregulation transformation that aims to increase the efficiency of the electricity supply chain, improve customer servicing and boost the smart energy-smart city sector capabilities. We discuss how Singapore and other Asian countries can ensure a smooth transition to a more liberalised electricity market. We also discuss what does a customer centric culture really mean for the customer focused utility executive?

Leader: Reserved: Mike Wesbury, CEO Capgemini South East Asia