SAP Hybris LIVE: Global Summit

At Capgemini, we partner with our clients to help them make the right connections across the whole of their enterprise so that they can create experiences that deliver rapid and sustainable value for their customers and their company.

We are engineered to efficiently drive sustainable client value at the intersection of Technology, Data and Experience Design. The depth and breadth of Capgemini, along with our valued partnership with SAP Hybris, ensures our clients have the best digital customer engagement and commerce platforms tailored to meet their business needs for successful digital transformation.

SAP Hybris Live: Global Summit will allow Capgemini to reveal how our joint strategic initiative called Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini enables clients to embrace Customer 360° use cases which  deliver more relevant, seamless and personalized interactions to customers.

Examples of use cases:

  • Create an entirely new business paradigm for an industrial product manufacturing company by engaging clients with a subscription-based eCommerce model along with net-new services. This use case is illustrated by our speaking session: “Modernize Monetization with new ways to Pay and Stay Competitive”.
  • Bring business-to-consumer-caliber experiences to business-to-business buyers with Seamless Commerce for Enterprise. This use case is particularly relevant to manufacturers of industrial machinery & components, aircraft & aerospace, as well as high-tech equipment. See it explained in our speaking session “Driving an Extraordinary Buying Experience” and come to see the demo on our booth.

Connect with us and meet our Capgemini experts at booth P18, hall 8; see our on-stand solution demos; and listen to our speaking sessions.

News release: Capgemini extends its ‘seamless commerce’ with SAP® Hybris® portfolio as part of its Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries initiative with SAP.

Check out content from our speaking sessions

  • Control Experiences – Transforming to the Era of Conversational Commerce
    Dive into a discussion with Capgemini, MIT, and Intel about their research on the market impact of conversational commerce. They’ll discuss the ability for
    brands to keep control of their experiences, will share initial research findings and will present the outlines of a collaborative industry approach
    By Kees Jacobs and Nathan Pearce
    Date & Time: 17th October 2017 | 14:30 – 15:20
    Location: Large Theater


  • Driving an Extraordinary Buying Experience
    Bring business-to-consumer-caliber experiences to business-to-business buyers with seamless commerce for enterprise. See how this offering, based on SAP Hybris solutions, provides a fast and seamlessly integrated shopping experience to enterprise buyers of any products, solutions, or services.
    By Naresh Khanduri and Aurelien Segond
    Date & Time: 17th October 2017 | 14:30-14:50
    Location: Small Theater


  • Modernize Monetization with new ways to Pay and Stay Competitive
    Learn how new monetization models can help you stay competitive. In order to achieve growth, subscription economy companies are offering customers a choice of subscription-based business models: pay-as-you-go, pay-monthly, or pay via-long-term contract. Hear how Rockwell Automation, in just a 10-week period, is disrupting the market and challenging more traditional models.
    By Mark Fodor
    Date & Time: 17th October 2017 | 17:00 – 17:20
    Location: Small Theater

Showcasing our expertise

Capgemini showcased two commerce solutions at the SAP Hybris Live: Global Summit. If you would like more information, click on the “request a demo” button below.

  • Connecting the business buyer with Capgemini Seamless Commerce for Enterprise (SC4E)Our Seamless Commerce for Enterprise (SC4E) accelerator builds a personalized B2B buyer experience by combining context awareness with real-time information exchange and enterprise systems. Enabling us to deliver a seamless experiences across any buying channel. Leveraging on our vast experience of implementing multi-geo B2B rollouts, SC4E provides detailed insights by drawing on data from multiple sources which assists in making the right buying decision.
  • Conversations for personalized selling with Capgemini Conversational Commerce.
    Capgemini’s Conversational Commerce offering combines the power of our ecommerce platform with advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a tailored shopping experiences for buyers. This advanced solution learns and adapts over time with each interaction creating a unique personalized experience.  Drawing from this “individualization” and segmentation we are better able to understand the intent of an individual, therefore creating dynamic and bespoke personalization throughout the buying experience.

Meet our Experts:

For more information about this event, please contact Lorna Neville or Ruth Peters, or visit the event website