Optimizing In-Store Merchandising Is the Key to Maximizing Sales

  • November 13, 2013

Concerned about the rising difficulty of same-store sales growth and looking for realistic solutions to achieve it?

As retailers strive to provide personalized in-store experiences, the planning and execution of retail floor space is a top priority. However, without accurate store-level knowledge down to the fixture level your plans and forecasts are only crap shoots. Retailers recently told RIS News that they lose between $10 million and $30 million in sales per billion dollars in annual revenue due to the problem.

In this must-attend Web seminar you will hear Capgemini, RBM Technologies and RIS News discuss the top line impact of merchandise planning done with inaccurate store-level knowledge. You will learn about best practices for creating personalized in-store customer experiences and maximizing profitability. Other key takeaways will cover:
  • The impact of accurate store knowledge on personalized merchandizing and promotions
  • The impact of store-level accuracy on customers and the shopping experience
  • Benchmarking where your stores are in terms of store-level accuracy compared to the rest of the industry
  • Recommended frequency for doing store surveys and merchandising compliance checks
  • Identifying obstacles and recommending solutions for improving in-store merchandising campaigns
  • Benchmarking the cost of inaccurate store knowledge in terms of lost sales and waste

To register: http://risnews.edgl.com/web-event/Optimizing-In-Store-Merchandising-Is-the-Key-to-Maximizing-Sales-89020?referaltype=capgemini
 Featured Speakers:
Cyndi Lago
Sr. Manager

Dan Wittner
RMB Technologies 

Joe Skorupa
RIS News