On Demand Webinar: Making Zero Trust Practical

Zero Trust Security Roundtable with Security Leaders from Capgemini and Forrester Research.
Hosted by Capgemini and featuring Forrester Research

Zero Trust is here to stay. With evolving regulations to codify Zero Trust concepts, we know that this security framework is far more than just a buzz term. How can you make Zero Trust work for your organization and how do you even get started with your journey towards ZT? Our expert panel breaks down the do’s, don’ts, and lessons learned from our experience with different pieces of Zero Trust, including cyber transformation, identity, cloud security, and more!

Watch  Capgemini and guest Forrester Research for this panel discussion. The session covers:

  • Tactical steps to getting started with Zero Trust
  • Why Zero Trust works and what is ZTX?
  • Zero Trust identity, network, and cloud initiatives
  • And more!

Duration: 60 mins

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