HfS webinar:Outsourcing: Presumed Dead, or Poised for Reincarnation?

  • May 30, 2014
  • Webinar
"Outsourcing"... has any business activity been so brutalized in recent years?  Many advisors proclaim it already dead and buried, some providers have removed the word from their nomenclature, while some buyers use terms like "rightshoring".  
But can it really be so easily erased from the dictionary without a trace?  If it ceases to exist what happened to it's remains?  Did everything dramatically get re-onshored? Did it morph into something else that isn't "outsourcing"?  Where did it go and whathappened to it?
Never fear, as we've assembled an unsponsored, puff-free, PowerPoint lite all-star cast of industry leaders who buy, sell and advise on outsourcing, or whatever it is we're calling it...



Up for Discussion:

  • Progress the industry has made achieving value beyond cost
  • The evolving role of outsourcing as many look to advance to more progressive operations
  • The core talent issues that need to be addressed by all stakeholders right across the services supply chain
  • The big disruptors on the horizon that are democratizing the sourcing decision, such as cloud,digital, crowdsourcing and robotics
  • The five year vision - what will our "industry" look like in 5 years?  Who will survive and who will thrive?