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Webinar/ Outmaneuver Disruption: The Frictionless Enterprise 

Leaders increasingly accelerate growth through applying principles of the Frictionless Enterprise – pivoting their organizations’ dexterity and ability to adapt to change.

At its core it’s about enabling the business’ ability to think, reason and act, to the point where its decision making is even real-time – or zero latency – and automated to the fullest extent. Frictionless principles include removing barriers to operational excellence, for example by leveraging intelligent automation to reduce manual labor to only when absolutely required.

At the same time, Corporate Emotional Intelligence (EQ) guides successful organizations to respond with sincere empathy with customers and employees, deeply caring about what really matters. In a critical intersection, empathy-driven design addresses the challenge in succeeding in hyper-automation and elevating EQ simultaneously.

Purpose and value-driven leadership understands that dexterity and agility are not just about digital platforms and tools, but about new business models, changed corporate behavior, and culture.

The future of the Frictionless Enterprise also holds the merging of two nascent trends: the rise of intelligent machines and the application of technology in human augmentation.

Join us in the exploration of the evolution of the Frictionless Enterprise. We bring you a lively panel discussion including some Silicon Valley based trends demonstrating what happens when data literally comes to life.

Date: August 27
Time: 9:00- 10:00 am PDST (17:00 BST, 18:00 CEST, 12:00 EDT)

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Join us for webinar hosted by Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in San Francisco, as we bring great minds and leaders together to share their experiences and predictions on how technology is changing our world.

Hosted and moderated by:


Andreas Sjostrom, AIE Director Capgemini

Andreas leads the Capgemini Applied Innovation Exchange in San Francisco, Capgemini’s flagship innovation space. Experienced digital transformation advisor and author of numerous innovation papers and books.


Mary Drumond, Chief Marketing Officer for Worthix, host of the Voices of CX Podcast, and editor-in-chief of the Voices of CX Blog.

Mary has been featured as a CX thought leader and influencer by various publications, has authored multiple pieces on the state of Customer Experience and is considered one of the rising voices on the subject.

As host of the Voices of CX Podcast for 5 seasons, she has interviewed best-selling business authors, world-renowned speakers, and top CX executives on how they are helping organizations keep up with the Experience Economy and create customer-centric cultures around the globe.

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August 27, 2020 9:00 am
August 27, 2020 10:00 am
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