Meet SAChA, Your (future) Smart Personalized Voice Assistant (PVA)

Capgemini’s Smart Advisor “SAChA” Omni-channel Experience

40% of consumers will use voice assistants by 2020, and conversational commerce is poised to revolutionize the way we shop, according to our recent Capgemini Survey of 5,000 consumers across the US, UK, France and Germany.

Illustrating how retailers can take advantage today of the conversational commerce era, we first showcased our Smart Advisor “SAChA” Smart Digital Store voice-interactive kiosk solution at NRF 2018 in NYC, in partnership with Intel and HP, and later at Google Cloud NEXT 2018 with Google and Intel in San Francisco, and again at Google Cloud Next 2018 – London in October, as well at #NRF2019 January 13-15 at the Javits Center in NYC.

Designed and created at the Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) in Lille, FR, SAChA acts as a shopping assistant, answering questions a customer might ask a store associate, e.g. “Do you have red ruffle blouses?” / “I have seen a lot of wide-leg pants, are they the latest trend? Do you have any in stock?” / “What was Meghan Markle wearing at the recent hospital visit engagement?”

Capable to answer specific and open-ended questions, SAChA uses artificial intelligence to process natural language, search the retailer’s product catalogue, and review any relevant external editorial publications you decide to include in order to provide on-point recommendations. SAChA also incorporates camera vision to add to the experience and interact with users.

Demo’ed for a fashion store setting, SAChA can be run on any device – a smartphone, a tablet, an in-store kiosk – and applies to any service-based environment including:
Grocery – “What ingredients do I need to make a beef stroganoff? Where are these ingredients located in the store?”
Home Improvement – “Where can I find the faucet aisle? Do you have Delta faucets in stock?”
Fast Service Restaurants– “What are today’s specials? What type of cheese is in the new artisan Tuscan pesto sandwich?”
Store Associates – “Do we have blue blouses reference xxxx size small in stock?”

SAChA uses its integration with Salesforce CRM to provide customers quick access to their loyalty and personal account information. With a quick scan of a QR code, customers can easily access their accounts to find points accrued, points due to expire, promotional offers, etc. Customers have an option to provide their size, style preferences while updating their profile, so the PVA can provide more personalized recommendations. This feature also helps retailers gain better insights on shopping preferences and patterns to use when creating merchandising and promotional plans.

Visit the Capgemini NRF 2019 landing page to find out more about our presence at NRF 2019 and how we helped create customer connections that matter.

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Retailers and Shoppers, meet your future Personalized Voice Assistant (PVA)

Capgemini Personalized Voice Assistants (PVAs) use artificial intelligence to process natural language, search product catalog information, and review any relevant external editorial publications in order to provide on-point recommendations.