Capgemini at IDC European CISO Summit 2021

Capgemini is a Platinum Sponsor at IDC European CISO Summit 2021

CISOs of the Future: Guardians of the Digital Trust

DIGITAL EVENT | November 15 – November 16, 2021

Covid 19 accelerated the digital transformation programs and remote working. Hence, having visibility and control over applications and infrastructure becomes vital for organizations. With Information security taking the center stage as a key enabler for the new business model, the future CISO are required to have a much broader focus than the traditional security and managing threats. The big picture is all about digital trust.

The Future CISO will play a key role in managing and orchestrating trust metrics across their organization.

In this security event you’ll learn, among others:

  • How trust connects key elements of business value such as financials, ecosystems, and sustainability.
  • How to accelerate your cloud security strategy.
  • How to take advantage of managed security services to beat the skills shortage.

Join our sessions

  • Plenary Session: Building Digital Trust: Is AI Your First Line of Defense in SOCs? | 15-Nov-2021 @ 13:25-13:45 CET | Speaker: Geert van der Linden, EVP, head of Cybersecurity Practice, & CISO – CIS GBL
  • Cybersecurity Roundtable on Zero Trust Security in Action | 15-Nov-2021 @ 14:20-14:50 CET | Impressive panel

Plenary session – November 15, 2021, 13:25-13:45 CET

Building Digital Trust: Is AI Your First Line of Defense in SOCs?

Speaker: Geert van der Linden, EVP, head of Cybersecurity Practice, & CISO – CIS GBL

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of fostering enterprise agility and, most importantly, resilience. As we look to 2022, organizations must continue developing and transforming their cybersecurity processes, tools, and technology so they can handle the fast-growing and evolving threats. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity comes in. AI makes the Security Operations Centers (SoCs) more effective by reducing manual analysis, faster and more complex analysis, evidence gathering, and more complex threat intelligence correlation — driving faster, more consistent, and accurate responses. In this presentation, Geert will give you a practical insight with relevant examples to the most common questions:

  • How can AI transform traditional SOCs beyond improving the quality and speed of analysis?
  • Why technologies promising artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), or full automation are essential, but not silver bullets for your SOC.
  • How to build ethical AI? How to win the trust of customers, especially in the Financial Industry, Manufacturing, Retail, hi-tech industries.
  • How to build a modern more effective SOC with key components, including EDR, NTA, threat intelligence and security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions.

Security Roundtable – November 15, 2021, 14:20-14:50 CET

Zero Trust Security in Action

Speaker/Moderator: Joe McMann, Global Head of Portfolio, Cybersecurity, Capgemini

As businesses continue to evolve and transform the enterprise that supports them, controlling access and safeguarding corporate data is more critical than ever.  Zero Trust security principles provide a strategy to mitigate risk along this journey. While Zero Trust is a frequent topic of conversation, and many organizations have the foundations in place, adoption is not yet widescale.  The key question many ask is – what does zero trust mean in practice? Join Capgemini, and IDC for this security roundtable as we explore:

  • Guiding Principles of Zero Trust
  • How to make Zero Trust work
  • Identity as the new Security Perimeter
  • Developing and implementing the Transformation Roadmap to Zero Trust
  • and more…

* IDC CISO Summit is free to attend if you work for an end-user organisation* (i.e., you do not supply IT or telecommunications related products or services). End-users are responsible for their organisations’ own internal systems and will not provide services, advice or products to other organisations. Please be aware that IT vendors, consultants, resellers, research companies and service providers, do not qualify for end-user status.

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November 16, 2021
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