World Payments Report 2020


The World Payments Report from Capgemini offers strategic insights into the critical issues and trends shaping the payments sector and is the leading source for data and insights on global and regional non-cash payments, and the key regulatory and industry initiatives (KRIIs).

This 16th edition explores how banks could start leveraging recent industry initiatives for client innovation and analyzes how they can accommodate the changing demands of their corporate clients. It also examines the behavioral shifts and needs of 8,600 consumers surveyed across 21 countries and rich insights from 45 executive interviews conducted across 11 countries.

Additionally, the report depicts banks’ navigational strategies in the light of new risks spurred by encroaching digital players and global giants as well as unforeseen black swans such as COVID-19.

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World InsurTech Report 2020


Insurance industry dynamics are constantly evolving with the evolving risk scenario, new players, new offerings, and a new set of preferences from customers. The pace of evolution is accelerated by the disruption sparked by the historic COVID-19 pandemic. Today the industry players – insurance companies, InsurTechs, and technology providers – are challenged with issues ranging from business continuity to employee safety, risk management to financial results – all while keeping a wary eye on critical customer service and engagement.

In this context, the World InsurTech Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores how the industry players can collaborate at scale to build a holistic set of capabilities, by which, they can navigate through crises and also acquire more resilient business models that support sustainable and profitable growth.

The report also explores the evolving dynamics between insurers, InsurTechs, technology providers, and Big Techs and deep dives into various aspects of collaboration among the industry players.

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World Wealth Report 2020


Now in its 24th year, Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2020 looks at the latest dynamics in high net worth individual (HNWI) population and wealth growth, as well as HNWIs’ trust and confidence in wealth firms, their satisfaction with investment advice and returns delivered, their comfort level with fees, and their take on personalized services. The report also explores how the financial services’ shift to an experience-driven Open X-era ecosystem is encouraging firms to rethink their operating models – an especially critical move considering COVID-19 and geopolitical uncertainties.

Viewed through a 2020 lens, agile new business and operating models can enable cost structure flexibility and resilient distribution channels. Firms can identify the critical sources of value in terms of client experience and firm profitability and prioritize capability-building in these areas while leveraging ecosystem collaboration to quickly and cost-effectively fill capability gaps in other areas. Today’s economic unpredictability may also offer opportunities to reach underserved or new investors, as demand for wealth advice tends to increase during market turbulence and as the strategic case for sustainable investment advances.

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World Retail Banking Report 2020


An inventive approach to banking is a must for sustainable growth. The World Retail Banking Report (WRBR) 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores the importance of platformification in the Open X era, with a modern core system as an enabler.

Traditional banking value chain limits approaches to retain/engage customers while new entrants are scaling up. To catch-up with such new-age players, especially in the current COVID-19 situation, banks need low cost innovation. Hence, they must embrace Open X by adopting data-centric business models with a focus on experience and collaboration.

Adopting a platform-based model will present banks with opportunities to collaboratively innovate in an effective way with faster time to market, enabling them to provide an excellent customer experience.

The report also highlights the importance of modern core banking systems in driving a platform-based business and discusses a progressive approach for core banking transformation and API implementation in parallel.

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World Insurance Report 2020


From Millennials and Gen Xers to Boomers, more and more individuals are bypassing traditional methods and using digital channels for their day-to-day transactions, including insurance research and policy purchase. As they are accustomed to superior customer experience from BigTech firms and product manufacturers, they are also seeing them as an option for their insurance needs.

Additionally, the current social distancing measures brought on by COVID-19 will only accelerate this trend.

In this context, the World Insurance Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores the impact of digitally social behavior on the policyholders of today and tomorrow and examines the changing trust equation between insurers and customers.

It also offers insights into how insurers should turn to an experience-led approach by offering the right products, at the right time and via the right channels by leveraging the appropriate partnerships and technologies.

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World FinTech Report 2020


BigTechs and challenger banks are significantly raising customer expectations while traditional banks are falling short, unable to compete with offerings from the new-age players.

The World FinTech Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores the challenges faced by banks in adapting themselves to the demands of the customers and strategies they should develop to catch up with these new players.

FinTechs present banks with various opportunities to plug identified gaps towards a robust and enabling back-end, which will create an attractive, customer-centric front-end and enable excellent last-mile delivery.

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Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2018


The Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2018 (APWR) from Capgemini is the industry leading benchmark for tracking the evolution in the number of high net worth individuals’ (HNWIs) and their wealth, as well as investment behaviors and practices in the region. The report explores trends in HNWI population and wealth in Asia-Pacific, and the economic and market drivers of growth in key individual markets.

To understand evolving HNWI behaviors and preferences, this year’s report delves into the topics of satisfaction, asset allocation, and personal relationship strength across emerging and developed markets in the region. The APWR also takes a look at HNWI interest in account aggregation.The 2018 edition delves deeper into hybrid advice models and how the potential entry of BigTech firms (Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Apple etc.) will impact the industry. The report also discusses the ways firms are responding to potential business model shifts to be prepared for future.

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