u2es Transformation

Transform your utility company into an energy services company with u2es Transformation, a value-based program that leverages emerging technologies to deliver proven benefits and positions your company as a leader for the future.

Disruption Brings New Opportunities

Technology is rapidly changing how utilities companies need to operate. Renewable energy, the Internet of Things, smart grids, data analytics, intelligent battery technologies and mobile applications are already having a profound effect on the industry.Today’s utilities can embrace the forces revolutionizing the utility industry to:

  • Defend against greater competition
  • Offer new and innovative services to existing customers
  • Greatly improve operations or cost to serve

From Utilities to Energy Services

Our u2es Transformation strategy guides your utilities company through your transition into an energy services company. u2es defines a transformation strategy that is based on three pillars of success: Customer Engagement, Operational Excellence and New Business Models.

Leveraging the results of our rigorous assessment, we create a business case and define a detailed roadmap that highlights the following:

  • Your specific needs across the value chain
  • A future market position for your company
  • A tailored transformation strategy
  • Possible technologies and business partners for implementation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Stronger new customer and strategic relationships
  • Increased profitability and operational efficiency
  • Compelling new business models
  • More effective market positioning and revenue streams

A Global Leader in Utilities Transformation

We have unrivalled experience in the utilities industry, delivering industry-specific solutions such as smart grids and leveraging our expertise in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) to help a wide variety of utilities companies around the world achieve tangible business results. Our extensive track record of innovation and delivery in the utilities industry is supported by our comprehensive network of more than 12,000 dedicated sector consultants.

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