Smart Mobility Connect: Connected Ecosystem

Customer expectations and the use of products are changing, and automotive companies have never faced such disruption. OEMs are now being challenged to rethink their approach as new business models enter their market. The reason is digitalization and its impact on the value chain as a whole.

OEMs are increasingly competing with entities from the technology industry who can surpass long-established, and until recently, stable and valid, automotive solutions with a more innovative, and daring mindset. Automotive companies must widen their horizons, crucially partnering with other companies, in order to maximize the potential of their ecosystem.

The new market entrants are bringing their own platforms, can agilely respond to, and often create, new trends, whereas OEMs are slower to react, having to evolve their culture from the inside out to enable a more responsive and seamless way of working. They must make the shift from product to service before the plans of new entrants to launch their own cars come to pass.

The Connected Ecosystem from Capgemini Invent identifies opportunities within the digital value chain that can drive OEMs from pure hardware suppliers into innovators of mobility services that offer closer customer relationships. We provide in-depth support to OEMs and other automotive businesses in the following areas:

  • Digital Value Chain—Analysis of which parts of the digital value chain OEMs currently occupy to derive a suitable future positioning within the digital value chain. This can then transform an OEM from a hardware supplier in to a service and mobility provider with closer customer contact.
  • Collaboration Model—Evaluation of corresponding cooperation models that enable OEMs to reach their target position in the digital value chain. As a result, we help in selecting the right partners and investment opportunities.
  • Business Model—Enabling OEMs to leverage their ecosystem to create new business models using value-adding operating models for platforms, and finding new ways of combining products and services (incl. data as a service). We then build the right go-to-market strategies.


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