Reinventing Work

The future of work has arrived. It’s time to change the equation between companies, people and technology.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a shift in how and where we work. Remote working is the most obvious aspect of this, but it is only the tip of an iceberg. It has fundamental implications for companies’ management of talent, their operating models, real estate, sustainability, and technology. Organizations must forge a new social contract with employees and society, in which the autonomy and flexibility workers gained during the pandemic permanently redefine expectations. By embracing it, they can benefit simultaneously from a more engaged and loyal workforce, lower operating costs, and a smaller carbon footprint.

At the same time, the wave of automation and AI that was already transforming business before COVID-19 is gathering pace, and will have profound implications for the workforce and the nature of work. To maximize the return on investment in AI and automation, business leaders must understand its implications for the roles, skills and talent they need in order to thrive in the future, and create a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

Financial viability will slip away from enterprises who don’t adapt quickly enough. It’s a perfect storm of challenges that provokes many questions, such as:

  • What kind of enterprise do we have to become to stay relevant and competitive?
  • How can we combine the right technology with the right change management to unite and ignite the whole organization?
  • How quickly can we achieve a reduction of costs and greater resilience while remaining human and meaningful?

Reinventing Work demands that companies address four related areas:

New Working Paradigm

A new hybrid operating model is required that can strike the right balance between physical and digital, encompassing performance, autonomy, benefits and flexibility. There is so much to consider: real estate, commuting, remote work, social interactions, workers’ enablement, managing teams, leadership, the carbon footprint – all new opportunities to reinvigorate the nature of work and reshape the organization.

Digital Workplace

In order to properly serve the complexly distributed environment of the new workplace paradigm and capture value, organizations need the right technology. To empower people to collaborate, interact, and create, they need to be given efficient, intuitive and highly secure digital tools and systems.

Augmented Workforce

What’s needed is an adaptable, self-generating workforce capable of evolving in step with technology. Augmenting the workforce with technology provides opportunities for cost reduction and equips people with the technology they need to assume new roles, be fulfilled and co-create value. But it’s absolutely essential to ensure that your people are reskilled and fully invested in the journey.

Intelligent HR

HR is at the center of all significant programs of change. It equips the business with the information and insights it needs to make vital strategic people decisions. A talent-centric and data-powered HR function is essential to underpin the transition to the new world of work in which people “management” ceases to be merely a support function, and becomes a core business contributor.

Reinventing Work with us will bring you:

  • A proven end-to-end transformation partner, from strategy to delivery.
  • A tailored approach, calibrated to your current position and maturity level.
  • Deep technology expertise, and a wide ecosystem of partnerships and suite of assets.
  • A technology-agnostic approach dedicated to finding the right solutions for your business.
  • A holistic view of technology built on the conviction that your people drive the change.
  • Specialist skills to guide and direct your AI and automation journey.
  • A modern, agile and interactive change management methodology that is proven to deliver results.
  • Support of the business and technology expertise of the entire Capgemini Group.

Reinventing Work means changing the equation between companies, people, and technology forever to deliver competitiveness, resilience and flexibility for the future. Take confident strides with us into this future and bring to life what’s next.