Digital Transformation for Tax

As tax agencies across the world strive to bring in higher revenues by ensuring individuals and businesses pay the right amount of tax, digital transformation is a critical enabler. Whether it is in response to deficit reduction programs demanding cost cutting and improved efficiency in developed countries, or a need to keep pace with evolving economies in emerging regions, embracing digital technology is a strategic priority.

Using digital to reduce costs whilst improving performance

Digital is a vital tool in helping agencies maximize voluntary compliance by making it easy for citizens and businesses to understand their obligations and conduct self-assessments. However, while digital solutions can provide simpler more convenient services for the customer, it is equally important to look at it from an internal, operational perspective. Tax agencies seeking to transform digitally should:

  • Evaluate internal needs and benefits
  • Leverage new data sources
  • Redesign process to increase automation
  • Align partnerships and employee roles
  • Put the citizen at the core of their thinking

A world of experience

Our experience living and breathing the transformation journeys of tax agencies across the world ideally positions us to support both internal operational and external customer-facing change. We use digital technology to help our tax agency clients:
  • Provide 24/7 self-serve access from any digital device
  • Leverage business data lake and analytics for personalization and compliance
  • Incorporate risking interventions into front-line operations
  • Re-focus staff on higher-value activities, such as policy and enforcement, with increased internal skills
  • Enable greater collaboration with tax professionals, banks and other third-party partners.

Making digital work for you

As a digital tax agency you will use new technology and process change to:
  • Streamline your operations and boost efficiency
  • Reduce manual effort in collecting taxes with fully automated processes and e-channels for customers
  • Improve customer satisfaction with simplified self-assessments and easier ways to pay tax
  • Reduce fraud with more sophisticated methods of yield protection, including risk assessment and behavioural analytics
  • Use cloud computing to reduce infrastructure costs

Digital Transformation Insight

Read the results of our three-year study into the impact of digital in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Getting Results

  • In the Netherlands (Toeslagen), we helped our client make it easier for claimants to notify changes of circumstance and claim the right amount.
  • In the UK, at HM Revenue & Customs, we helped our client to increase the number of successful fraud investigations, adding over €3.5 billion yield to-date.
  • In France, (Ministry of Finance), we helped our client to deliver online tax declaration capabilities to 11 million taxpayers.


For more information about digital transformation in tax, contact Marcel van Breeden or Craig Mill.

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