SMART Solutions – Enterprise Analytics

Better insights: diagnose, predict, prevent, prescribe

A comprehensive next generation rapid cloud deployable data platform with prebuilt business analytics solutions in various business domains aided by Big Data and Cloud.

Customer analytics

Segmentation, cross-sell/up-sell, campaign analysis, churn, loyalty management, after-sales service to channels, and customer touch point analytics:

  • CustomerSMART: Gain analytics on various customer management modules including understanding customer behavior and buying preferences, insights to improving customer segmentation and customer product affinity.
  • UtilitySMART: Improve operations of assets and networks workforce, inventory, compliance, and suppliers to ensure enterprise asset and customer visibility.

Enterprise Analytics

Procurement, asset management, and human resource management:

  • Capgemini Smart Asset Management: Optimize your key asset performance and asset-based services, improve availability and lower maintenance costs.
  • HRSMART: Better manage your human capital ad drive business execution with strategic solutions that are comprehensive, flexible and efficient.
  • Capgemini Smart Procurement: Achieve unified procurement view to reduce costs and increased spend management efficiency.

SMART Insights Platform

A flexible and robust platform, providing a foundation for our SMART out-of-the-box solutions:

  • SMART Platform: Cutting-edge technology generates insights from structured and unstructured data, helping your business users to diagnose issues, predict outcomes, prevent failures, and prescribe improvements.

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Capgemini’s CustomerSMART solution enables analysis of your customer buying patterns,...