Insights & Data for Oil & Gas

Capgemini’s Insights & Data team helps Oil & Gas companies to analyze, report and act on information and data from across the entire hydrocarbon value chain. We help transform data into actionable insights in line with the vision of digital oil fields, smart refineries and smart retail.

Large data volumes are not news to the oil and gas industry. But with highly volatile commodity prices, rapidly shifting global markets and increasingly complex and difficult exploration and extraction, the pressure is on like never before. What is changing is the technology and the approaches to dealing with the data.

New technology is enabling massive volumes of data to be analyzed at a fraction of the cost and quicker than ever. At the same time, the proliferation of the Internet of Things is significant, as the oil fields and the refineries are augmenting with smart digital devices. This opens up massive new opportunities to understand much better operations, assets, and supply routes, risks and opportunities .

Capgemini has made strategic investments in the area of analytics around oil and gas operations. We have invested in assets, partnerships, people and infrastructure. Our strong global practices in New Data Landscape, Data Science and Master Data Management work hand-in-hand with our sector experts to build solutions and to provide thought leadership for our customers.
We focus on delivering data and insights solutions to:
  • Optimize time and cost to first oil
  • Optimize production
  • Improve asset reliability and availability
  • Economies in refining
  • Optimize inventory
  • Support trading and risk management
  • Achieve efficiency in capital projects
  • Drive to zero safety incidents
Our specialists work in close partnership with our clients to develop a compelling business case for change while ensuring regulatory compliance. Thanks to our focus on risk management, we can guarantee reliable solutions and support that benefit from the latest technological innovations.
Capgemini has worked with energy companies and service companies worldwide and understands the smart journey. This includes business segments like upstream, downstream, mid-stream and the oil field services companies.
  • Large oil company in Europe: Engineering data warehouse that acts as a single source of truth for engineering information
  • Leading services company in NA: Strategy, design and deployment of SAP HANA to enable efficient business process, data loads and reporting of critical functions
  • Integrated oil company in Europe: Master Data Management roadmap definition, deployment and support
  • Large oil field services company: Delivered asset intelligence and tracking system, value assessment of big data adoption roadmap
  • Integrated oil company in Europe: Oracle-based BI and reporting platform management and support.