Data Masking

Discover a data masking implementation that is scalable and can be replicated across your enterprise. Our metadata framework offers you a safe and highly cost-effective approach.

It’s time for reliable, coordinated data masking

Data masking is an invaluable method to transform production data for non-production purposes such as development and testing without any risk to privacy and security. Today, the pressure to achieve effective data masking is greater than ever as data protection legislation comes into force, particularly in the financial services and healthcare industries. But many organizations still apply data masking in an ad-hoc manner that is often unreliable and requires significant manual effort.

Seamless development and testing across all applications

Partnering with Informatica, we use leading data integration tools such as PowerCenter, PowerExchange and ILM to create a metadata framework that provides the following services:
  • Persistent data masking: Sensitive elements are permanently removed before production data is sent to the non-production environment.
  • Dynamic data masking: Users only see the data they require within the production environment while sensitive elements remain invisible.


  • Consistent data
  • Scalability and replication across your enterprise
  • Secure testing that can be outsourced
  • Seamless application as a single version of test data is used across applications
  • Minimal risk to reputational and financial losses from data breaches

Our data masking approach has benefited a variety of clients worldwide, such as these global banks where we have achieved:

  • 30% cost and effort efficiencies through enterprise-wide automated data masking as a managed service
  • Significant cost savings on existing masking requirements and 20% cost savings on masking applications