Turning Big data into Big opportunities

Demands from end users and the business are sky-high for data access and analysis in real-time. How can you meet these demands in a cost-effective way?

Big data = Big challenges

As the value of information skyrockets, so too does the business’s thirst for more. Despite the growth of big data, the adoption of tools to manage it remains quite low. Taking centre stage amid these digital challenges is the Business Data Lake, a unified data landscape in which organisations can efficiently evolve and gain value.

A lake full of benefits

A business data lake provides managed access to all the information and concentrates on all business information requirements — not simply those that fit within the enterprise’s data model.

  • For end users, this means that desired data is integrated and analysed on demand; they no longer must always engage with IT to leverage the data
  • For IT, it offers the ability to achieve speed, cost reduction and increased security while providing a new, more business-centric approach to data governance.

Leading data technology with business and industry expertise

Capgemini brings the tools and experience necessary to deliver big data insights to the point of action. Leveraging Capgemini’s Business Data Lake means that the focus is on putting insights into action in a timely manner to move the needle toward true digital transformation.  Beyond the technology, Capgemini delivers its Business Data Lake ‘as-a-service’ to empower end users to directly request data from the data landscape.

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Capgemini has helped many organisations across all industries distinguish market noise from valuable business insight by bringing together leading data technology experts with business and industry sector expertise to help organisations gain better value from both corporate and external data.

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