Experience Design

Design and execute compelling, engaging experiences by providing your customers and consumers with a valuable and valued experience across touch points and over time.

Having understood the expectations, needs and desires of your customers, now is the time to design experiences to meet them. The experience is the totality of the interactions that a consumer has with you as a brand, every interaction with your stores or branches, on-line or mobile, your call center or your employees.

Each interaction should lead to the next. And all the experiences need to be designed to provide value to your customer and your brand. This is the point at which company and customer goals meet – and the more of both sides’ goals are met the more value will be created. We call this the economics of experience, and solving this simultaneous equation of value will keep your customers coming back and allow you to continue to shape the experience around the evolving needs of the consumer.

Why us

We offer advanced and unforgettable User Experience and Design capabilities for major brands to define, design, implement, and optimize the performance of their web and mobile presence. It is at the heart of the Capgemini Group User Experience CoE and Framework – spanning capabilities in the Group’s core markets.

Capgemini helps clients make the connections that make a difference:

  • Connections that drive new mindsets, new behaviors, and new employee and customer expectations.
  • Connections that provide great and engaging experiences that make a significant difference to your bottom line.
  • Connections that customize, personalize and adapt your products and services.

Extraordinary connections deliver extraordinary results

Contact our experts to help in imagining and designing a simple and impactful experience regardless of channel, across the entire journey and over time.

Experience design solutions

  • RDV – Rapid Design and Visualization: A proprietary requirement gathering and experience design methodology that leverages a framework of user-centric design principles. The solution enables teams to gather user requirements for creating innovative solutions that can be launched quickly at lower cost through rapidly developed visual simulations in collaboration with domain experts and technical architect.
  • Omni-channel Experience Strategy: Multi-dimensional strategies help ensure that every interaction a consumer has with your brand – across channels and over time – builds their trust and strengthens your reputation.
  • Omni-channel customer interaction design: Interaction design is used to create visual representations of an online service that is to be used for early testing/proof-of-concept, and later as specifications for designers and developers.
  • On & Offline User Experience Design: Help enhance your user’s satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between them and your product or service.
  • Digital content strategy: The valuable planning, development, and management of the content used in the different channels across the experience – driving impactful experiences.
  • Digital content development: Effectively and efficiently defining, curating and publishing relevant and targeted content to your customers and prospects.
  • Campaign Design: The process of creation of customer marketing campaigns across all channels for your customers and prospects.



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