Insider Threat Intelligence (ITI) Platform

Monitoring cyber, human behavioral and contextual risk indicators in a single software platform is the ideal combination to prevent insider incidents before they occur.

Insider Threat Intelligence (ITI) Overview

ITI is a software application that provides organizations of any size the ability to cost effectively mature their Insider Threat Program. It empowers insider risk analysts with robust and proven automation and analytics that leads to a significant improvement in their ability to proactively identify high risk employees and contractors. ITI is built on decades of experience in counterintelligence and best practices of some of the world’s most mature insider risk organizations.

The ITI solution takes a holistic approach to detecting insider threats, seamlessly integrating human behavioral indicators, such as performance, disciplinary actions, employee access to critical assets, life stressors as well as data from IT security monitoring applications to provide a highly accurate insider threat detection solution.

ITI significantly streamlines the insider analyst escalation and triage process through automation:

  • Ingesting intelligence from company and third-party data sources
  • Aggregating data through predefined models and scoring
  • Drilling down for advanced analysis and further investigation
  • Reporting of organizational metrics and risk indicator trends

ITI provides continuous context and insight for the complete population and alerts security teams to high-risk individuals.

The ITI Advantage

  • Proven successes in preventing insider and workplace incidents
  • Earlier identification of persons of interest than sole reliance on IT monitoring only solutions
  • Reduction in false positives
  • Productivity enabler requiring only a very small insider threat analyst team
  • Only product on the market developed for and by insider threat security analysts
  • Used by some of the most effective insider threat programs in industry
  • Data and risk model flexibility to meet client evolving use-cases and priorities
  • User interface, analysis, reporting, alerts and metrics designed specifically for insider threat analysts
  • Supports over 150 insider threat risk indicators

How ITI works

Continuous evaluation of insider risks by correlating and analyzing hundreds of risk indicators.

ITI Platform

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