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The behavior of today’s typical customer presents a huge challenge for retailers – whether they are sharing experiences across social channels, or even just asking questions that involve different departments. The same behavior also creates huge opportunity for retailers and Capgemini can show you the way

CustomerConnect = Customer Loyalty

With CustomerConnect, you will be able to engage with your customers and maintain their loyalty in the future. As a result, they will become connected “social customers” who will recommend you to their social networks as well as to offline friends, which in turn further increases your client base.
The advantages of CustomerConnect for your company:

  • Allows you to interact with customers in the ways they prefer, now and in the future
  • Keeps pace with cultural trends like social networking, as well as technology trends
  • Available to users via a web browser (no installation needed)
  • Quick to deploy, and instantly scalable
  • Low up-front costs, then pay only for what you use

Three Steps to Delivering CustomerConnect

Our approach pulls together data from all available sources to create a single, coordinated view of the customer. This gives you the knowledge in order to deliver a personalized experience, and one that is consolidated and consistent across all sales and service channels.

We will support you in three main elements:

  • We work closely with your stakeholders to understand your business needs before setting a strategy for success
  • We implement Salesforce, a cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is adaptable and scalable your business so that you are equipped with the right technology
  • We integrate the customer experience layer across your company’s systems and processes to prepare you exceptional customer experience over any channel

Capgemini Brings the Advantages of SaaS to Retailers

We are experts in improving customer experience, delivering leading-edge software-as-a-service solutions, and leading innovation and change in business. In partnership with and their powerful cloud technology, we provide you a complete customer-centric view across all channels via CustomerConnect.

CustomerConnect allows you to engage in conversations with your customers via their preferred channels, which gives you the business advantage of achieving greater customer engagement and loyalty.

In partnership with, we have delivered more than 20 successful business solutions to international clients. In response to the need to stay agile and keep pace with its customers, an international furniture retailer has also appointed Capgemini to run its retail systems and ecommerce operational globally.

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