Compliance as a Service

Achieve continuous compliance and protection, effortlessly.

Meeting compliance requirements is becoming increasingly complex with more infrastructure to protect, new regulatory standards to follow, more security governance requirements, higher criticality with IoT/IIoT deployments, and more innovation driving change.

With Compliance as a Service (Caas) offering, Capgemini is making it easy for you to maintain compliance continuously and protect your enterprise more effectively.

Our Services

Capgemini helps you define, manage, and optimize your compliance processes so you can achieve:

  • Continuous compliance with a broad array of industry standards and regulations
  • Stringent governance
  • Effective risk management
  • Efficient monitoring and rationalization of internal controls
  • Process efficiency and optimization to avoid unforced errors
  • Higher productivity from internal staff
  • Reduced costs and optimized capital allocation
  • Continuous improvement in compliance and security-related processes
  • More informed decision making
  • Ability to embrace innovation and change

Capgemini offers three categories of CaaS services. Each category of services builds upon and adds value to the previous phase. Compliance as a Service offerings are delivered on-demand by compliance specialists at our global network of Security Operations Centers (SOCs).


The net result: you can cut the cost, complexity, and heartburn of meeting compliance mandates while improving your organization’s security posture.

Capgemini Advantages

  • Deep compliance experience: Capgemini compliance specialists are highly trained, certified, and have the right experience, tools and technologies.
  • Industrialized services: Our services are industrialized from standardized processes, metrics and reporting, and we can meet your audit needs with consistent controls based on best practice frameworks and regulatory and industry requirements.
  • Sector-specific compliance and cybersecurity experience: Capgemini has the breadth and depth of skills to cover compliance and security requirements in virtually every industry and market segment.
  • Actionable threat intelligence: Our recommendations for improving your security posture are based on hard data points and multiple threat intelligence feeds collected and observed by our global network of SOCs.
  • Advanced automation: Our automated workflows accelerate core processes, giving the efficiency and flexibility to meet peak demand and fast-changing priorities.
  • Global scale : We deliver the compliance services you need, your way, anywhere in the world.

Partner with us today

Compliance doesn’t have to be a double-edged sword. With Capgemini, you can achieve continuous compliance and a more secure environment—without overburdening your internal staff or disrupting current operations. Talk to us today about your specific situation.