CENTS – Center of Excellence for Tax and Social Welfare

CENTS is Capgemini’s Center of Excellence in Tax and Welfare. We are responsible for innovations in the Public Sector, our offerings ranging from Tax and Welfare IT modernization, which narrows the tax gap, to handling non-compliance and preventing welfare fraud.

CENTS making a difference in the Public Sector

CENTS is a one-stop shop for Capgemini’s digital innovation in Tax and Welfare, solution assets, and success stories. Our offerings range from Tax and Welfare IT modernization, which narrows the tax gap, to handling non-compliance and preventing welfare fraud. Our tax and welfare experts bring together a complete suite of solutions that increase department efficiency, slash costs, and align government resources around the needs of the citizen. By industrializing the way we implement strategic solutions, and integrating taxation and welfare systems into governments and agencies—by reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)—we help bring certainty to taxpayers. CENTS brings together sales, delivery, innovation specialists, and the overall domain expertise in one place. We focus on sales enablement and operations support, and push the limits of innovation within the segment.

CENTS also provides thought leadership, expertise, and industrialization to improve efficiency—from project to project.

Challenges facing Tax and Welfare Agencies

Welfare agencies are challenged today with providing an answer to increased demands by citizens who are moving quickly to digital. This forces tax and welfare agencies to focus more on enablement of multi-channel for user-centric purposes, whilst reducing the gap between the agency and the citizens. The necessity of governments to have an agile system with full control and transparency around transactions, and to protect social security by tackling evasion, fraud, and error is also a top priority.

Capgemini is instrumental in guiding public agencies through their digital transformation. We have provided strategic advice on customer (citizen) experience, operational processes and new business models. Capgemini provides public sector clients with an integrated strategy and execution roadmap to help achieve their business goals through technology enablement. We develop a holistic view of the business and its supporting applications, infrastructure, data, security and governance model. We provide architecture principles, frameworks, methodologies and other solution accelerators that can help tax and welfare agencies to implement solutions faster and more efficiently. This has made us one of the leading tax and welfare consultants globally.

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