Arquitectura de Seguridad Sanitaria en entornos de SOA (Arquitectura Orientada a Servicios).

Current healthcare IT environment support the needs for a single institution
like a hospital or collection of care facilities. Healthcare services however
are no longer just needed on the basis of geographic or institutional boundaries.
Many healthcare services will be offered on a regional, national or maybe even
an international basis, and are expanding out to the individual patient.

The fluidity of the healthcare delivery process makes the provision of healthcare
and patient information a very complex venture. This complexity has led many healthcare
programs both on regional or national level to follow an approach based on multiple
information services working together. This is embodied in a Service-Oriented
Architecture (SOA). In this approach the emphasis is on information services rather
than information systems. This whitepaper deals with SOA in combination with the
security that is crucial for the healthcare industry, called Service Oriented
Security Architecture (SOSA).