Punto de venta: el corazón del retail

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Capgemini cuenta con una larga trayectoria en la transformación digital del sector retail, y ha desarrollado capacidades en ambos, incluida la experiencia a través de numerosos proyectos relacionados con una parte crucial del sector retail: el punto de venta o el punto de servicio.

Capgemini has a long history with retail and digital transformation, and has developed deep capabilities in both, including expertise through numerous projects related to a crucial part of the retail business – the Point of Sale or Point of Service. The market for Point of Sale (POS) solutions has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. As a result, retailers are getting more and more confused about the route to take with respect to selecting a new POS solution. To provide retailers with expertise and best-in-class insights, Capgemini uses a proven approach and POS tool that serves as an accelerator to the evaluation process. Capgemini sees POS as the beating heart of the store, both online and offline. Therefore, POS plays a crucial part in the Capgemini / Intel initiative to integrate the physical store with online, store employees, products, back-end systems, and customers, in “The Smart Digital Store.”

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Also please register and watch the replay from the recent webinar:  What’s next for PoS and friction free shopping – retail analyst, Intel and Capgemini insights with the latest POS research from Forrester and perspectives from Intel and Capgemini about options in deploying new technologies and best practices for POS evaluation, selection and implementation.

For even more information about our POS and Smart Digital Solutions, or to find out how to start an engagement, please contact one of our Smart Digital Store experts, please contact:

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Business Development Lead | The Smart Digital Store
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Genevieve Chamard
Business Development Lead | The Smart Digital Store
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