Capgemini and Sogeti offer end-to-end Mobile Solutions for mobile strategy and services as your Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator.

Making your business mobile and “always on” is no longer a matter for debate. With mobile users in the hundreds of millions and mobile apps downloaded in the tens of billions, today’s reality is that customers and employees expect to interact with you immediately – and to have that ability in the palm of their hands. Businesses face global economic uncertainties, shifts in workplace dynamics, rapid technological evolution and the adoption of new ways of working.

Any business model adapting or responding to these conditions must address the need to be “always on” and understand the fundamental role mobility can play. Mobility is not just about the creation of appealing mobile applications – it’s about changing the way you run your business. As technology and mobile adoption develop, the business imperative for enterprise mobility is clear.

But is your business ready for the journey?