Balance by Design

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Among this time of disruption and discontinuity, ‘Balance by design’ aims to help us maintain our sense of direction, remain standing, or find a new footing.

TechnoVision’s aim is help you build and develop your Technology Business. To provide you with the rich technology construction materials to do just this, the first six TechnoVision containers provide a logical display into the art and science of the possible. But how do we do it? What are the guidelines that need to be observed? What are the principles every Technology Business should know and respect? To help you approach these questions, this seventh container – Balance by Design – offers principles to consider, simply, methodically. While the trends make up a full technology menu, the principles make up the recipe to leverage the trends. Each principle makes sense on a case-by-case basis, but when taken together and systematically put to work, they help you make your Technology Business a winner.

Presented on a single page,  each principle moves intentionally from its definition and purpose to a list of suggested implementation steps, before concluding with the all-important measurements of outcomes.

As its name Balance by Design indicates, the container aims – among this time of disruption and discontinuity – to help us maintain our sense of direction, remain standing, or find a new footing. All design principles underpin achieving ‘Water-like’ qualities, each within their own, unique context as follows:

Since time immemorial we design and implement systems for speed, efficiency and user-friendliness. But not for coping with inevitable failures and unexpected change. Adapt First proposes to build adaptability into each and every development, from the very start. 

In today’s marketplace, having an open technology platform is a necessity. But when everything else is open as well, you have to unleash a charm offensive to attract the right clients and partners. In this guise, With Open Arms helps you create a business magnet.

Technology  Business stems from the observation that ‘just’ aligning business and technology is not enough. Technology Businesses will only work when all involved consider themselves part of the same team.

IQ EQ CQ UP combines the three dimensions of brain and heart power: intelligence, emotional intelligence, and creativity. With a premium for creativity, you can use your corporate brain and your corporate heart for creation.

Trust is the headwater stream for Technology Business. But its flow is under attack. As such our Trust Thrust principle has never been of greater importance. Proactive trust secures the foundations of r a Technology Business and provides a differentiating face to the market. 

No Hands on Deck is quite the challenging ambition: providing autonomy to automated processes. More systems already create, manage and adapt themselves. A reduced number of hands on deck guarantees the smoothest sailing under the roughest conditions.

Finally, the mantra of What’s Our Story always has promoted dialogue as a key driver for change. But with today’s companies committed to growing their own, refreshed sense of purpose, this dialogue has a new and compelling sense.

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